Mission and Vision Statements

205 Jean Christy Avenue
Andrews NC 28901

Mission: To ensure all students are educated in a nurturing environment accompanied by a relevant, rigorous curriculum delivered by highly qualified educators.

Vision: To prepare all students to contribute and thrive as productive citizens in their community, country, and world.


  •  Student performance can be improved to show growth and schools must continually explore ways to improve.
  • A variety of instructional techniques are necessary in order to meet the differing needs of students.
  • In order for a student to be successful, there must be a cooperative effort between home, school and community.
  • The fine arts are critical to the development of thinking and problem solving.
  • Teaching should be flexible and innovative.
  • A faculty should be a well-organized and cooperative team committed to the educational  process and to the students of the school.
  • A fair, firm and supportive discipline plan should be in place.
  • Education in the area of technology is crucial in preparing our students for success in the future.
  • An ongoing assessment of student learning by gathering, analyzing and disseminating data  is important to enable school-wide improvement.
  • Honesty, perseverance, courtesy, kindness, honor, cooperation, individualism,   organization and conflict resolution need to be reinforced.
  • Learning should be challenging, interesting, relevant, fun and achievable with   consistent expectations.
  • Academics, citizenship, service to others and healthy lifestyles are important ways for   students to excel at whatever they may choose to do as they grow older and enter the workforce.